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Inspiration, by Inspiration Software, Inc., is a tool that assists teachers and students in organizing their thinking, in visually developing ideas and concepts. It is a mind-mapping tool designed to support both diagram and outline formats.


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Inspiration button Inspiration 6 has 57 templates in language arts, science, social studies, teacher planning, and thinking tools. You are now able to connect to the Internet directly from Inspiration, and display active hyperlinks. There are over 1,250 symbols in the expanded and enhanced symbol libraries, which included animated symbols as well. After working in Inspiration to brainstorm, organize, and outline, the new one-click transfer instantly opens students' work in Microsoft® Word® where they're able to finish their paper for publication.

Inspiration button A web is a visual map that shows how different categories of information relate to each other. Webs are particularly useful as a brainstorming and organizational tool for writing, as well as for analyzing stories and characterization.
Inspiration Story Map


Idea Maps

Inspiration button Idea maps help students generate ideas and develop thoughts visually. They are used for brainstorming and prewriting exercises and for producing plans and solving problems.

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Inspiration button Concept maps graphically illustrate relationships between ideas. In a concept map, two or more concepts are linked by words that describe their relationship.

Concept Map